We Install Security Locks for your Protection

The CAL Double bolt lock is the most secure and easiest way to prevent your children from wandering outside the house. Its innovative system allows you to install the lock where you want it, preventing children from reaching the lock and escaping into potential danger. The CAL Double-Bolt Lock is designed to clearly show someone if the lock is open or secured to protect your home or property from intruders. The CAL Double-Bolt Lock has been tested to provide over 1000 lbs. of Forced Entry Load Tension, preventing criminals from being able to lift out the sliding glass door from their tracks. This type of high security is something factory installed locks or after-market products cannot offer. The CAL Double-Bolt Lock sleek, aesthetic, and low profile design helps fit easily within the limited space available between the sliding glass door frame and the interior of the door panel. Allowing the lock to virtually disappear within the frame and window environment. The CAL Double- Bolt lock is great for everyone who owns a home or business. Available in White, Black, and Aluminum. Accessories are also available so it can fit any door or sliding glass door.